Singaporean wedding practices are a beautiful combination of practice and modernity. Lovers have started incorporating personal vows, distinctive themes, and inventive venues into their ceremonies This allows them to respect their ethnic lineage while reflecting their private style and tastes.

Pre- bride rituals are likewise a large part of singaporean weddings. Many couples may demand a fortune teller or a geomancer to find an auspicious deadline for the bridal, taking into account factors such as their Chinese astrology signs and the solar calender. The choice of a time is a reflection of the child’s appreciation for their elders, and shows how tradition and practicality you survive harmoniously.

On the day of the marriage, households may gather for a tea service at either the princess’s or vicar’s position. This is an chance for the family to provide presents to their children, and to show their gifts. It is also typical for a younger son to jump on the pillow, and spin about, to thank the partners with many babies.

The bridal bouquet and boutonniere are traditionally a gift from the parents to the newlyweds. They are usually made of red, white, or pink flowers with dragon or phoenix motifs, to symbolize love, luck, and prosperity. The ceremony of giving and receiving also includes a hand- tying ritual, and a hair combing ceremony.

After the ceremony, it is customary to share a toast called Yum Seng. This is a uniquely Singaporean toast, where the entire room shouts” Yum”! and holds it as long as possible before responding with” Seng”. It is believed to bestow luck on the couple for their future marriage.